Asari Sensei

Asari Sensei

Why did you become a teacher?

Several years ago I was working as a coordinator for Japanese language courses for foreigners living in Japan. It was an uplifting experience to see them learn Japanese enthusiastically, but at the same time I became aware of the difficulty they were going through in their study. I wanted to support them in a more direct way and so I decided to become a Japanese teacher.

What do you like about teaching?

A language classroom is a very exciting place to me. It often offers an intercultural interaction whether it’s a private lesson or a group lesson. I’m thankful for the great opportunities to talk with people from different backgrounds and learn about their countries and cultures while gaining an insight into my own.

How are your lessons?

I’m trying to provide enjoyable lessons because we all want to continue something when it’s fun. I also consider my students’ levels and areas for improvement as well as their goals so that my lessons are meaningful and effective to them. I would be very happy if they could use in their everyday life what they learned in class.

What are your hobbies?

I’m always eager to learn something new. The things I started recently include singing and drawing!

I’ve also enjoyed playing volleyball on a local team for more than 10 years! I’m also interested in traveling and photography. The best place I’ve ever visited is Alaska. I was impressed with the beautiful landscape, glacier, northern lights, and wild animals like grizzlies there!

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