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Guide to Free Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

Japanese Language School - Private Lesson Challenges

Guide to Free Japanese Lessons in Tokyo Want to learn Japanese, but just can’t stretch the budget that far? Well, there are free or almost-free Japanese classes in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures! If our affordable lessons are too much for your current situation, there are some free options to consider. Many Japanese volunteers and…

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Japanese Staff - Yurika

Japanese Staff – Yurika Name : Yurika School : JS Shinjuku Language School About Me! I am Yurika and I have lived in Los Angeles for 3 and a half years where I had the chance to improve my English and learn to communicate better. I have recently joined Japan Switch after working in three restaurants…

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N2 and Above Students

Welcome N2 and Above Challenger Welcome you near grand-master of Japanese to Japan Switch, the most affordable Japanese lessons in Tokyo. You have been directed here because you are requesting lessons to reach N2 and above. Do you provide N2 support? Unfortunately, we do not provide N2 level support. Our lessons at Japan Switch focus…

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Japanese Lesson Student – Overseas Inquiry

Welcome Potential Student Welcome to Japan Switch, the most affordable Japanese lesson provider in Tokyo. You have been directed to this awesome support page because you are not currently in Japan. Do you provide visa support? We do not provide student visas nor tourist visa support. To obtain a student visa, you would need to…

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August 2019 Event – Summer Cruise on the Tokyo Bay

Summer Cruise in Tokyo Bay No other school can offer the same level of community Japan Switch can. From Japanese learning to cultural events to big parties, we have you covered from all angles. 3 Year Anniversary Party Events Details What is ‘Japanese Summer Cruise’? Called “納涼船” [nouryousen] in Japanese, enjoy a roughly 2 hour…

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Kobayashi Sensei

Japanese Teacher – Kobayashi Sensei Name : Kobayashi Sensei School : JS Shinjuku Language School Japanese Lesson Types : Group and Private Lessons Why did you become a teacher? I like teaching very much since my school days. It is because I have met some unforgettable teachers who always encouraged, helped, supported, and guided myself in my…

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How to Choose a Japanese Language School in Tokyo

Tokyo Language School - Gotanda

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo Welcome to our article on Japanese langauge schools in Tokyo. There are many Japanese schools to choose from and you need to make the right choice from day one. Here is the inside report into studying at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. Please note that our…

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Map to Japanese Switch – Gotanda Branch

Directions to Japan Switch – Gotanda from JR Gotanda Station Address: 東京都品川区東五反田1-14-11須賀ビル6F Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Picture 1: Leave through the East Exit. Picture 2: After leaving the East Exit, take the stairs up to the right towards the overpass. Picture 3: Walk towards the boxed location in image above.…

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Map to the Shinjuku Japanese Language School

Directions to Japan Switch – Shinjuku from JR Shinjuku West Exit Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30AM – 1:30PM Address: 7 Chome 9-12 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023 – 4th Floor Picture 1: Please remember to start from the West Exit! Check for the signs that point towards the West Exit of JR if you are…

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Otake Sensei

Japanese Teacher – Otake Sensei Name : Otake Sensei School : Japan Switch Shinjuku Language School Japanese Lesson Types : Group and Private Lessons Why did you become a teacher? Before I became a Japanese language teacher at Japan Switch, I had been working for American software and video game companies as a member of the English…

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