Hasegawa Sensei

Shinjuku Japanese Teacher

Branch: Shinjuku Language School
Lessons: Group and Private Lessons

"I want to be someone who supports people who start something new in Japan."

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

I have lived abroad for a total of 10 years in New York, Singapore, and Bangkok. I studied English, Chinese, and Thai in each country. Knowing the local language has made life abroad very enjoyable and meaningful. From that experience, I decided to become a Japanese teacher someday when I returned to Japan. I want to be someone who supports people who start something new in Japan.

What do you like about teaching Japanese?

I am very happy to share in the moment people understand how to express themselves. When people really understand, it appears in their eyes. It makes me very happy to see that and be a part of that. It’s something I consider precious and meaningful to each of us.

How are your lessons?

My motto is to have fun, and create lively lessons. To make that happen, I will prepare topics where students can talk about their thoughts and experiences as much as possible. I believe that the teacher's job is not to teach, but to facilitate. I want to bring out as much as I can of what my students want to talk about.

What are your hobbies?

Taking pictures with my old film cameras, taking care of plants, collecting antiques, and playing with my cat!

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