Japanese Teacher - Goyou


Why did you become a teacher?

During my fieldwork, I made friends with a Tibetan student who studies Japanese in graduate school in Delhi. The language exchange experience with her made me interested in become a language teacher.

I am also a nationally certified Japanese teacher and have been teaching Japanese for more than 2 years.

What do you like about teaching?

I would like to help you to feel more comfortable and confident with using the Japanese language. I would also like to help foreigners learn more about Japanese culture and to help make the assimilation into Japan much smoother and less confusing. I am excited to help make Tokyo a more diverse city together with you.

How are your lessons?

From Jackie's testimonial here

My lessons are interesting and challenging. It is interesting because I learn formal and informal ways to speak Japanese. I learn the difference in words or phrases that may mean the same thing when speaking Japanese. I am learning the correct way to speak in different types of situations. It is challenging because I am learning to speak, write and read a language that is new to me. My lessons are are mixed with conversation, new vocabulary, writing and repetition until it is engraved into my brain. I can use what I learned from my lessons as soon as I step out of the classroom and communicate with the locals. It gives me a feeling of self gratification!

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are wide ranging and will probably surprise you because they are quite different. One is outdoor activities like trekking, cycling and fishing. I also love dance music like disco and house.

Ready to start learning Japanese?

Japan Switch

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Opening Hours : 9:30 - 1:30 PM

Opening Days : Monday - Friday

Location : Shinjuku, Tokyo