Japanese Staff - Maki


Name : Maki

School : JS Gotanda Branch

About me!

I am Maki.

I am from Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku, known as the “Udon prefecture”. Our Udon is deeply loved by people throughout Japan. The iriko soup Udon is my soul food.
I just came back to Japan last August, after living in Hong Kong for 5 years.

It is a pleasure to get to work at Japan Switch and help you learn Japanese lessons.

Nice to meet you!

Why did you want to work at Japan Switch

I like Yoga so I was looking for a receptionist position at Yoga studios at first. When I accidently saw this job opportunity for Japan Switch, I found it is interesting.
Then I got excited and immediately applied. I got lucky!

What do you like about working here?

I am little nervous since it’s been a long time after I left my last job. However, people around me are very nice and they always help me. I really appreciate it.

Also, the best thing about this job is I have the opportunity to meet Japanese language learners from everywhere in the world! It is really exciting and I am having fun working here. I also love the nice atmosphere Japan Switch has. People are very friendly and energetic.

What are your thoughts for foreigners who are interested in learning Japanese? 

I get cheered up by seeing our students improve their Japanese skills because I am trying to improve my English too.

I always try to use English outside of the classroom because my English teacher always told me to do so.
For example, I go to a Yoga studio that has instructors that speak in English, and I used to go to café to chat with friends in English after English lessons.

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan?

I recommend you to visit Kichijoji area if you haven’t been there yet.

The famous park “Inokashira Kouen” is great place to hung out. I love the relaxing ambience and there are a lot of unique stores and delicious food places in the area so you can have fun all day.

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