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Japanese Teacher Profile - Noro Sensei

"I would like to help you improve your Japanese in the most effective and efficient way!"

Q: How are your lessons?

Full of laughter! I want my students to feel free to speak their minds, so I provide them with clear answers to their questions about grammar, usage, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I encourage students to be brave to make mistakes and then we find out together the points they need to modify or correct. I look forward to assisting you in speaking Japanese in a fun way!

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

I started learning French recently and still stumble on every single word when trying to remember if it is masculine or feminine. Then, I ask for help! I always need someone’s help to learn a language. To speak with fluency and accuracy, I am sure you can also benefit from a native speaker’s advice.  So, I would like to help you improve your Japanese in the most effective and efficient way!

Q: What do you like about teaching?

I love the moment when I share the joy of achievement with my students.  They are skilled in their own field and have a broad knowledge of it. They come from all over the world and each have interesting backgrounds. The class is something more than a language lesson. It’s always a fascinating and eye-opening experience for me.

Q: What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing with my cats in my spare time. They used to be stray cats and I was happy to welcome them into my family. The black one is named ‘Koharu’ (a warm day in late autumn), and the other is ‘Koiro’ (cute coloring), a bicolor.






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