School Manager - Mariko


Why did you become a school manager?

I joined Japan Switch because I strongly agree with its and their parent company BFF Tokyo's company mission.

  • To create a company that is not fixed to a set mindset or Japanese business model.
  • To enrich and broaden the potential of the lives for both students and staff.
  • To create change in Japan and the world through hybrid Japanese and foreigners.

I think Japanese companies have to change their style of management from the traditional style to something that welcomes more people and different ideas and is less top down. I also believe that Japan needs to welcome more foreigners and I think it would be amazing if both Japanese people and foreigners could combine their strengths and create a new type of thinking to positively impact the world.

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan?

I would be happy for foreigners to learn more about modern Japanese culture. I think Japan has many interesting concepts to share regarding design, fashion, and attention to detail. I think understanding these concepts has enriched my life and I would like to share them with more foreigners in Japan.

How are your lessons?

I sometimes serve as a backup teacher and my lessons are friendly, relaxed, and fun. I want my students to feel comfortable and feel no pressure while taking my lessons. I like to share information about Japanese culture, and especially about modern Japanese culture and thinking.

I like to praise my students and I would like everyone to leave here with a smile.

What are your hobbies?

I am really passionate about fashion, interior design, and beauty in general. I used to work in the hair styling industry and now I am helping Japan Switch and their sister school with interior design. I feel that learning about the aesthetics of the world around me makes life more interesting.

My favorite spot in Tokyo is Yoyogi Park. I think it is a great place to go during autumn and during spring to see the cherry blossoms. Yoyogi park is always lively and the park is very animal friendly.

Come visit our school 🙂

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