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Name : Yurika

School : JS Shinjuku Language School

About Me!

I am Yurika and I have lived in Los Angeles for 3 and a half years where I had the chance to improve my English and learn to communicate better. I have recently joined Japan Switch after working in three restaurants in Los Angeles and working at Tokyo Disneyland. I have been looking forward to work in another sector than food and retail and I am glad that Japan Switch is a language school which provides affordable Japanese lessons for foreigners in Tokyo. I have a good understanding of the struggle of learning another language and I admire teachers that teach Japanese and people that go out of their way to learn another language, especially taking Japanese lessons since it is not a common language that people want to learn. I also see many foreigners who want to take Japanese language lessons in Tokyo and I am very thankful about how popular Japan is becoming.

Why did you decide to work at Japan Switch Shinjuku?

I joined Japan Switch after hearing many positive reviews from my friend who worked here. My friend really enjoyed working here and told me that I should apply as well because she knew that I wanted to use my English skills that I gained whilst I was living in Los Angeles. My friend knew that I wanted to communicate with people from different backgrounds and countries and she told me Japan Switch was the best place for me to grow and improve as well so I decided to go for it and apply. I also wanted to be part of a growing language school and be surrounded with a large community and be able to attend the fun events. I wanted to work in an environment where I will be able to help students test their Japanese language skills and give them more confidence in speaking in Japanese language and I believed I could help them do this at Japan Switch. I also wanted to give support to students that study Japanese

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan?

I know this might have been mentioned many times but I need people to realise that we really have beautiful landscapes and cities here and we should not just be known for our popular dishes like ramen. Foreigners should visit cities other than Tokyo like Okinawa and Miyazaki that are not really on foreigners travelling list but I recommend you try to visit any places that you might have not heard of. I would like foreigners to be able to understand the different cultural norms and societal expectations of the Japanese people. For instance, Japanese people can be caring, polite and shy. These are the three words that instantly come to my mind when you mention Japanese people and I hope foreigners will remember these keywords as well. I want foreigners to be aware that Japanese people can be shy so even if you ask them for directions and they just look at you do not take it the wrong way and let them take their time. Japanese people appreciate foreigners to talk first because of their shyness so do not be afraid to make the first move and talk to Japanese people.

What are your hobbies? 

I have several hobbies that I am into lately, I like dancing to pop songs and hip hop songs and I relieve my stress by dancing and listening to music. I also like to travel within Japan to the oceansite and have a peaceful afternoon while daydreaming and eating good food. I also enjoy learning English and Spanish and I am currently trying my best to learn Spanish so that I can communicate in another language and speak to people in Spanish and also add it to my language list.

What do you love about working here? 

I can speak English somewhat well and I am glad that I can use my knowledge of Japan and English ability to help our students at Japan Switch. I like the Japanese lessons we provide to the students and how highly motivated they are to learn and have become aware that the lessons are helping them improve. I also get to communicate with many people whether it is staff, students or teachers which I really appreciate since in most Japanese language schools there is not much interaction between everyone. I also try my best to speak in Japanese to foreigners guiding them about the school and Tokyo..

Overall experience so far? 

I really like the work I do here at Japan Switch and I am glad that my friend told me about Japan switch otherwise I would have not been able to apply for the job. My overall experience is good and I hope that it only gets better. If we get more students applying to the Japanese lessons I will be very happy since I can talk to all of them. One thing I have noticed while working is that time goes by very fast and before you know it, it's the end of the day. I realised that it is true that time goes by quickly when you are having fun and I hope that everyday is like this.

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