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No other school can offer the same level of community Japan Switch can. From Japanese learning to cultural events to big parties, we have you covered from all angles.

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Do any of these describe you?

Learning Community

Want to meet other Japanese learners of the same level?

Want to learn new studying techniques?

Culture and Party Community

Want an exciting but friendly community?

Want to experience cultural activities?


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Communities at Japan Switch

Everyone has different goals and needs and we will offer 3 different types of communities here in Tokyo to support the needs of our different Japanese language students and purposes.

Learning Community 1 - Nihongo Dojo Japanese School

Learning Community

Our Tokyo Japanese language learning community is for students who want to dive into the experience of learning Japanese and how to improve your Japanese outside of your classes at Japan Switch

This community is for those who want tips on how to learn, useful apps to supplement studies, and listen to the experiences of other students and apply these lessons to improve their learning habits and efficiency.

We will organize one or two events monthly.

Japan Switch Language School Events 6

Culture Community

Our culture community will be more for students who want to experience more of Japanese culture and activities. Examples of this are going on trips to historical places, activities like doing origami and making udon noodles, and other traditional and modern activities.

These will be non-drinking events and more focused on experiencing the things about Japan and Tokyo that is on everyone's to do list.

Japan Switch Language School Events 2

Event Community

Our events community is for students who like to go out and meet many different people. Our English school which has over 3500 students has been holding an event every month for the last 4 years and will continue the tradition.

Joining our events and international parties in Tokyo would be a good opportunity to meet both foreign and Japanese people. Small events range from 15 - 30 people and large events often have more than 100 people attending.

You are welcome to join us!

Our mission is to connect both Japanese and international people through great experiences and events that will create connections that will last a lifetime. Last but not least, you will be able to experience Japanese culture first hand. We believe firmly believe that the best way to create a great community is to understand each other.  

Stop learning on your own. Join us.

Japan Switch

Japan Switch provides affordable morning and noon Japanese lessons in Tokyo. Centrally located, relaxed environment and quality textbooks. Japan Switch is quickly growing and providing help to the foreign community in Japan


Opening Hours : 9:30 - 1:30 PM

Opening Days : Monday - Friday

Location : Shinjuku, Tokyo