Meet our Online Japanese Teachers!

Meat our online team! Many of our online Japanese teachers have taught in our physical locations and others are in various locations throughout Japan. Learn from someone in the capital or learn about what is going on outside of Tokyo as well!

Learning a language can be really difficult, but the very friendly staff and teachers make it more fun and enjoyable. They do a great job of adjusting to my individual needs as a learner.

The teachers are fantastic and really give you all the attention you need. I had two private lessons and one group lesson [a week] and I have nothing but great reviews for both.

The staff and teachers from Japan Switch are very accommodating and friendly! They always teach their students with enthusiasm and genuinely want their students to do well in learning Japanese. They are also prepared and have all the materials ready always.

Teachers care about individuals’ progress and will cater the teaching material to individuals’ needs in private lessons.

My teacher was really helpful and even veered off course with me to answer some grammar questions not in the text.

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Our Online Japanese Teachers

Our Online Japanese Teachers are highly qualified and are here to help you learn the Japanese you actually need in your daily life. Whether you're moving to Japan, wanting to watch anime without subtitles, or just wanting to communicate better with your Japanese partner - we're here to help. 

Also - check out our very talented team of Offline Japanese Teachers here!

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Learn Japanese. Make friends. Enjoy Japan.

Save up to 30 - 60% on your Japanese lessons while learning online or in the heart of Tokyo
with Japan Switch!

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Meet the Japan Switch Online Staff

From consultations and level checks to making sure you're satisfied with your online Japanese lessons (and everything in between) - meet Japanese staff that make it all happen! All of our staff speak English and are here to help guide you on your Japanese journey.

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Bringing Unique Perspectives to Your Online Japanese Lessons

Each of our teachers has embarked on this journey for different, yet compelling reasons - some fueled by a love of language and culture, others by a desire to connect and converse with people from across the globe. More than educators, our Japanese teachers are enthusiasts,  eager to share their passion and teach the intricacies of Japanese culture.

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