Staff - Yukari 


Name : Yukari

School :  Online JS Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Group and Private Lessons

About Me!

I am Yukari Ashizawa. I am from Oshiage, Sumida-Ku which is famous for Sky Tree. It is close to Asakusa. We call it `Shitamachi` which means downtown. People love Omatsuri and Omikoshi. I also like to carry mikoshi with my friends. Now I'm enjoying working at Japan Switch!!

Why did you decide to work at Japan  Switch? 

I have four daughters. The third girl finally became an elementary student in April. That's why I decided to start work again. I used to work for an English school as an assistant to an administrator. I was looking for a language-related job and found a job offer for JS. ​I am so lucky to work here!!

Overall experience so far? What do you like about working here?

JS staff around me is really kind and comfortable to work with. And I have a chance to talk with people from many different countries and broaden my world. It is my pleasure to get to work at Japan Switch.

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan? Where is your favorite place in Japan?

One of my favorite places is Nikko Toshogu. Just two hours from Tokyo, Nikko in Tochigi prefecture is famous for its World Heritage sites and beautiful nature. I think you can feel the spiritual energy. Please visit Nikko Toshogu, if you need to relax or be especially calm.

What are your thoughts on foreigners who are interested in Japanese learning? How did you learn English?

If you speak another language, you have more of an opportunity to get to know more people. I have been learning English lately too. I am taking an Online English class once a week. Also, I am learning from many people during work. Learning a language leads to knowing the culture of the country. Let's try it hard together!!

What do you like to do for fun?

I like traveling. Before the pandemic, I went on a domestic trip once a month and went on an overseas trip once a year. I really would love to go to Phuket, Thailand. Because I prefer to be surrounded by nature and the ocean.

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