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¥1980 Group Lessons

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Making online Japanese lessons affordable and supportive, wherever you are. 

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Online Group Lessons

Designed for Social Learners

  • Monthly Contracts

  • Lessons on Same Day and Time

  • Lessons with the Same Teacher

  • ¥1980 per Lesson

  • 4 Students Maximum

  • Free Make Up Lessons

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Online Private Lessons

Designed for Independent Learners

  • Monthly Contract

  • Lessons on Same Day and Time

  • Lessons with the Same Teacher

  • ¥3630 per Lesson

  • 50-Minute Lessons

  • Free Make Up Lessons

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4 Reasons to Take Online Japanese Lessons with Japan Switch

1: Freedom, Flexibility, and Support

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Many Online Group Lessons

We have more than 30 online Japanese group lessons in the morning and afternoon, so no matter what your schedule, you can find something for you. It is also possible take multiple lessons a week!

Small Online Group Lessons

Speak 1.5 to 2x more than other online group Japanese lessons and avoid the lag issues that bigger class sizes experience with our very small class sizes. Each group lessons has a maximum of 4 students.

Online Group Japanese Lessons with Dory Sensei
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Supportive Online Private Lessons

Have a lot of questions? Want to review the lesson beforehand so you can speed on through the textbook? Consider our online Japanese private lessons to get your Japanese skill where you want it to be!

2: Quality, Affordable Online Japanese Lessons

Japan Switch remains the affordable choice for online Japanese lessons
with trained teachers and quality materials.

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No Surprises or Added Costs

We offer transparent pricing with all of our online Japanese courses so you know what you're getting into from the start. We promise:

  • No entrance fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees

Affordable Online Japanese Language Lessons at Japan Switch

50 Minute Group Lesson: ¥1,980
50 Minute Private Lesson: ¥3,630

What our students say about our online Japanese Lessons

Maria K.

Online Branch

Thank you very much for always replying to my emails fast, for having great teachers (I really liked my teacher) and I would surely recommend your program to my friends!

Kenzie H.

Online Branch

Thank you for all the services you offer. I’ve been impressed with how Japan Switch has adapted to offer online lessons! Thanks for always responding so promptly to my emails. I have always recommended your services to my friends and would like to return in the future when I have more time to study. Best of luck!

Natia D.

Online Branch

I have had such a wonderful time learning Japanese with Japan Switch! 

Monpatsorn P.

Online Branch

All of the Japanese teachers that I have taken class with are so friendly and enthusiastic about teaching. By taking class with Japan Switch, I could strengthen my weak points for Japanese language and have more chance to speak Japanese with native speakers.

Manuela S.

Online Branch

I was very happy with the quality of my lessons. I'm a language teacher myself so I really appreciate how professional and engaging my teacher, W-Sensei was. I felt like I learnt a lot during each lesson, I was definitely challenged, but the lessons were always fun and she knew how to tailor them to my needs and interests. I also thought that the learning material (the book) was very well thought out.

Kimberly B.

Online Branch

Thank you so much to M-Sensei and H-Sensei for their kind support and lessons!

Alexander R.

Online Branch

My teachers were amazing. I love them! They have helped me learn a lot of Japanese, so I am very happy about that. Thanks so much!

Shan H.

Online Branch

The communication with the whole team of Japan Switch has always been smooth and pleasing. I enjoyed the lessons very much. Thanks!

Elizabeth N.

Online Branch

I think that this is a great program! I think the teachers are great and the content is really good. Overall, I really love this program. Also, the staff is so understanding when I make mistakes with scheduling, and they have great communication. 

Kerstin E.

Online Branch

Easy platform, great teacher, lessons are simple and effective!

Sherylyn G.

Online Branch

I recommended Japan Switch to my friends. I am very happy that I am a student at your language school. Thank you!!

Charito R.

Online Branch

Thank you so much Japan Switch. I learned a lot in this language school that help me learned a lot regarding Japanese culture. And at the same time the proper response in a different situation into Japanese. I think there is nothing more that I can say for the school improvement when it comes to conversation practice. Your school provided all the possible conversation tool for different scenario which the student like me can use it in daily conversation. Thank you so much.

Pajamas, coffee, nihon-go.

Slip into your comfiest pajamas, and brew your favorite coffee! Our expert Japanese teachers are here to guide you and make learning Japanese as cozy as a Sunday morning.

3: Real Teachers & Great Textbooks

We focus on helping beginner to N3 level Japanese students.

No Random Japanese Teachers

Our Japanese teachers are fun, well-traveled, and have passed our intensive training course to deliver quality engaging Japanese lessons. Best of all, they are not random people from the Internet and they have been properly vetted!

Solid Textbooks

Designed in-house, our textbooks help English speakers start speaking from day 1 - even as a beginner. But don't take our word for it - our Japanese textbooks have a 4.4 star rating on Amazon with over 350 votes.

4: Job Hunting & Japanese Advice

We offer guides and tips on how to self-study and land a job in Japan to our students.

Job Hunting Guides for Japan

Job Hunting Guides

We have partnered with our sister company BFF Tokyo Jobs to provide high quality job guides to Japan Switch students.

Japanese Learning Guides

Authored by JLPT N1 holders, Japanese teachers, and Japanese students - we explore the rich culture of Japan and how to make the most of your lessons with Japan Switch. Our guides are designed to help you reduce the amount of lessons needed, saving you time and money. 


Rating on Google

I have tried a few different Japanese lessons, and my lessons at Switch have been the most enjoyable, as well as being conversational. I have been taking group lessons for about a year, and I am definitely getting better at expressing my ideas, and making longer sentences. Those around me (native Japanese speakers) have commented that I seem more confident. 

Kylie M.

Ready to Learn Japanese?

Embrace a new language, discover a vibrant culture, and open up a world of opportunities - from the comfort of home.

Who Uses Japan Switch?

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English Teachers

love our morning schedules, lesson prices, and guides to getting a non-teaching job in Japan.

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love meeting other foreigners in a similar situation living in Japan and help motivate each other.

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love us because our teachers help them communicate better with their Japanese co-workers.

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when you're ready to turn on your Japan Switch, learn Japanese,  and start to open new doors.

Enrolment Process for
Online Japanese Lessons

3 simple steps and you're on you way to speaking Japanese!

1: Level Check and Consultation

Our friendly staff will explain our lesson system and conduct an online Japanese level check for you to make sure you're in the right class for your needs.

2: Choose your Online Japanese Lessons

Choose what fixed time slot you would like to take your online Japanese classes for the month.

3: Start Taking Lessons!

We will send you a link to our digital platform and you can start your online Japanese classes.

FAQ: Online Japanese Classes

Or feel free to reach out to us through our
General Inquiries Form!

Online Japanese Lessons


Japan Switch offers affordable online Japanese lessons and small online group lesson sizes. Our goal is to help foreigners make the switch to speaking Japanese and to make friendships and connections with Japanese people. 

Our online Japanese lessons can help you start developing a study routine and get you speaking from day 1. Contact us and schedule a free consultation.

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