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Learn Japanese in the heart of Tokyo

Our Shinjuku Japanese language branch is one minute from Shinjuku Nishi Guchi Station and a five minute walk from the famous JR Shinjuku station.
This is where it all started.

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Now offering Japanese classes in Akihabara / Ueno!

Only 1 minute on foot from Okachimachi and Ueno-Hirokoji Stations!

Learning a language can be really difficult, but the very friendly staff and teachers make it more fun and enjoyable. They do a great job of adjusting to my individual needs as a learner.

The teachers are fantastic and really give you all the attention you need. I had two private lessons and one group lesson [a week] and I have nothing but great reviews for both.

Teachers care about individuals’ progress and will cater the teaching material to individuals’ needs in private lessons.

I liked how the staff were honest with what the school can offer to its students and I got the sense they care about their students.

Shinjuku Branch Facilities

Our Shinjuku Japanese language branch has recently upgraded to a new, spacious and comfortable new location! Our reception and lobby are located on the 2nd floor so please head there for your free level check and consultation.

How close are you to
Japan Switch Shinjuku?

Knowing your way around Tokyo can be difficult! Here's how long it takes to get to our Shinjuku Japanese Language School from nearby stations!

Mejiro: 14 min
Ichigaya: 16 min
Shinanomachi: 12 min

Shibuya: 13 min
Sasazuka: 12 min
Meidaimae: 15 min

Shimo-Kitazawa: 20 min
Kōenji: 16 min
Asagaya: 20 min

Choose from
3 Different Japanese Courses

Japan Switch offers both group lessons and private lessons. For students who are busy or are curious, you can come once a week. For those who have a focused goal take private lessons or several Japanese lessons weekly.

Japanese private class student and teacher

Onsite Private Lessons

  • ¥0 Entrance Fee

  • 50 Minute Private Lessons

  • Same teacher every time

  • Learn at your own pace

  • ¥3630 Yen Private Lessons


Onsite Group Lessons

  • ¥0 Entrance Fee

  • 100 Minute Lessons

  • Small group (max 5 students)

  • Make new friends

  • ¥3630 Yen Group Lessons

Taking Remote Lessons


  • ¥0 Entrance Fee

  • 50 Minute Lessons

  • ¥1980 Yen Group Lessons
    (Max 4 students)

  • ¥3630 Yen Private Lessons

Getting to Japan Switch Shinjuku

We are right next door to Mos Burger and near several great restaurants and stores!


Hinode Building, 2nd Floor, 7-1-8 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo

5min walk from JR Shinjuku Station
2min walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station
1min walk from Nishi Shinjuku Station

9:00 - 1:00pm:
Group and Private Lessons
2:00 - 5:00pm: Private Lessons


Why take Japanese lessons in Shinjuku?

Shinjuku, a cultural blend of Tokyo's past and present, is one of the most ideal locations for your journey in learning Japanese. Filled with skyscrapers, bars, restaurants, and the famous Kabukicho - the city offers a variety of entertainment before or after your Japanese lesson!

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Your Japanese Journey Starts Here.

Start your Japanese Journey with Japan Switch and let us be your guide! Whether you're starting from scratch or have been down the rabbit hole a few times, we're here to help navigate the exciting (and challenging) intricacies of learning Japanese together.   

>> Japan Switch Shinjuku

Our Japanese Teachers

Our Japanese Language Teachers are highly qualified and are here to help you learn the Japanese you actually need in your daily life. Whether you're working in a Japanese office, out and about in Tokyo, or wanting to communicate more clearly with your Japanese partner - we're here to help. 

Also - check out our very talented team of Online Japanese Teachers here!

Ready to Learn Japanese?

Embrace a new language, discover a vibrant culture, and open up a world of opportunities - in the heart of Tokyo.

Japan Switch - Tokyo Language School Group

FAQs about Japan Switch Shinjuku

We want you to be sure that our Japanese lessons are right for your needs. 


Lesson Fees & Payment



About Japan Switch

Your Alternative to Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

Japan Switch is the alternative to Japanese language schools in Tokyo. We have three branches that provide affordable daytime Japanese lessons to internationals who want to learn Japanese in Tokyo or online. We are the best choice for someone looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo but wants to learn at a fair price point through both self-study and actual Japanese lessons. Our group Japanese lessons are ¥1,815 for 50 minute lessons and ¥3,630 for a 50 minute private lesson.

Although our Japanese lessons prioritize your wallet, our teachers are caring and supportive. Our methodology and teaching and learning materials have been designed for internationals learning Japanese to get the most out of group or private classes. We specialize in Japanese lessons for beginner Japanese learners up to low intermediate level N3 in Shinjuku and Akihabara/Ueno, Tokyo, and Online.

In addition to providing lessons, we also host international events in Tokyo and will also be doing Japanese cultural events. For those who want to learn Japanese in a relaxed and convenient environment near you, Japan Switch is the place to help you make the switch from a foreigner centered environment to making more Japanese friends and connections.

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