Japanese Textbooks for Conversation

These conversation based Japanese textbooks were developed in house by our partner and have been used by and benefited thousands of Japanese learners around the world!

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Japanese Textbooks
That Raise Your Conversation Skills

We offer Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Low intermediate level online Japanese lessons and in Tokyo at Japan Switch.

Beginner 1: Japanese Textbook N5

Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners

4.4 star rating on Amazon

With several hundred reviews and a 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon!

japanese book for beginners that started to learn japanese

Speak Like a Native

Conversation style helps students learn natural sounding Japanese.

Learn What Interests You

Different situations, topics and phrases mean you can learn useful survival Japanese.

Flexible, Practical, and Revelant

Useful grammar and real life situation study sections allows you the flexibility to learn what is relevant for your Japanese adventures in this textbook.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

There are a lot of practice exercises in each unit to help you learn natural phrases and expressions.

Affordable + Audio Included

Beginner 1 Japanese Textbook Price : ¥2090 including tax

You can download all the audio tracks from the book here.

I am proud I was able to finish the textbook before I had to return home. Thank you for supporting me in the last 4 months of my working holiday and I think it is a great school for people on a working holiday visa in Tokyo for price and value.

I really liked how I can switch to private lessons and back to group lessons or even take both depending on my focus. I was also worried about make up lessons and I am glad that Japan Switch gives free make up lessons each month.

Beginner 2: Japanese Textbook N4

Basic Japanese Grammar for Conversation

4.5 star rating on Amazon

With 100+ reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon!

japanese book for level two beginners for conversation

Convenient Phrases

Study the most convenient phrase for each verb conjugation based on our student's experiences.

Useful Vocabulary

Learn useful vocabulary for your everyday life in Japan.

More Than Just Grammar

Much more than just grammar! Learn many natural expressions that you can add to your daily conversation playbook.

Fun and Useful Roleplays

Have the opportunity to learn and use many casual and natural Japanese expressions through dialogue role-play!

Affordable + Audio Included

Beginner 2 Japanese Textbook Price : ¥2200 including tax

You can download all the audio tracks from the book here.

Japanese for Communication: Low Intermediate N4 - N3

japanese book for low intermediate learners

Expand Daily Conversation Skills

This Japanese textbook contains topics on about movies, shopping, travel, making recommendations, and topics you learned in previous books. However, expand your speaking capabilities using new vocabulary and phrases and by making longer sentences.

Learn Natural Japanese

Improve your pronunciation, learn natural Japanese phrases, and receive corrections and support on how to speak more naturally.

Kanji Ability Unnecessary

The book is written in kanji, hiragana, and romaji [食べる・たべる・taberu] so you do not need to be able to read Japanese to be able to join the class!

Affordably Priced

Japanese for Communication Textbook Price : ¥3300 including tax

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Japanese Textbook Samples

Here are some our Japanese textbooks samples to give you an idea of the structure of lessons and the Japanese language content you will be learning at Japan Switch.

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