Name : Atsuko

School : JS Shinjuku Language School

About Me!

I have lived in Tokyo for 3 years now. I was born and raised in Hyogo prefecture, but got married and moved to Tokyo. I have 1 daughter who is 1 year old. My hobbies are watching movies, learning new language, going on picnics with my family and friends, and playing the piano.

Why did you decide to work at Japan Switch Shinjuku?

Before I worked at Japan Switch, I was a receptionist at their parent company One Coin English for more than one year at the Gotanda Branch in Tokyo. I had a great time working there and developing friendships with both the Japanese and the teachers at the school. Now that I am ready to work again, I took the opportunity to join Japan Switch when the offer came to work there. I am now working at the big Shinjuku branch and hope to make Japan Switch an even better Japanese language school by taking care of students like you. I also hope to improve my English and hope to help you with your Japanese learning.

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan?

I like to walk around Yoyogi park with my family on the weekends. I recommend Yoyogi park because it is so wide that you can enjoy a nap time 🙂 and can relax in peace. There is always something going on there and you can experience culture activities, see many different types of people, and meet with friends and relax.

I often go to Yoyogi park and enjoy a picnic with my family, And we can see the dogs run there too. It's so cute!

What do you love about working here? 

I like to communicate with people. When I was a hairstylist I always talked with people, especially with people from different countries because I am curious to hear about their life experiences. I'm happy to talk with students who are interested Japan and answer any questions that you may have about kansai or Tokyo.

What are Your Tips for Learning Japanese?

I have been watching movies in English since I was a child. It is good for me and really enjoyable. I'm still learning English now but learning a new language is very fun. Sometimes I feel it is difficult but we can support you at Japan Switch. Come talk with us ^ ^

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