Safety Measures for Japan Switch Reopening

Updated on January 08, 2021.

Japanese Language School - Teachers and Staff 1

■ Japanese Government Announcement

Update : 01/08/2020

The government made a public announcement this evening. Their announcement requested that restaurants and drinking establishments close by 8 PM. They did not make any mandates for schools and we have made the decision to remain open until further notice from the government.

Please note we will be open as normal tomorrow, Friday the 8th. We hope to see you then and please take care.

■ School Measures

① Max number of group lesson students will be reduced to 5 students (4 regular + 1 makeup)

➡ This is a temporary measure until the complete reopening of Tokyo

We will sterilize the classrooms tables and door knobs during the intermission between classes

We will leave the entrance and windows open to ensure proper ventilation. On chilly days, please make sure to bring a jacket or sweater.

④ We will have sterilization spray or liquid for all group classrooms and easy access for private lessons

⑤ We will have acrylic partitions in our group lesson classrooms

Group Lesson Rooms

Japan Switch - Safety Partitions

Private Lesson Rooms

Private Lesson Room Partitions
Private Lesson Room Partitions 2

Alcohol Sprays

Covid19 response - Alcohol spray for classrooms

■ Teacher and Staff Measures

① Teachers and Staff are required to wear a mask or faceguard.

② Teachers and Staff will regularly wash their hands and gargle

Teachers and Staff will use an alcohol sterilizer on their fingers during the intermission period

④ Teachers and Staff will need to check and submit their temperatures before coming to work, and will need to take a break from work if they have a fever or are not feeling well.

■ Requests and Requirements to Students

You are required to wear a mask to take lessons.

Please refrain from taking your lesson if you or anyone you are in close contact with is not feeling well.

③ Please sanitize or wash your hands thoroughly before and after lessons.

Please refrain from coming to Japan Switch outside of your lesson periods (ex. Studying in the lobby) and refrain from gathering in stairwells or other areas of the building that can lead to crowding.

⑤ All interactions that Japan Switch requires you to do in person can be done online until June 30th to prevent crowding in the reception area.

⑥ If you are unable to stop coughing or have other symptoms, the staff may ask you to leave the lesson.

Request to Students for COVID 19 Safety
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Taking Remote Lessons

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We are currently offering remote lessons and are accepting new students. Experience our same good quality lesson online and in pajamas.

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