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By Marjorie Gutierrez | Created February 18, 2021

Here in Japan Switch, you are our priority. Aside from charging at affordable prices (1,500 yen for group lessons and 3,000 yen for private lessons) and giving great quality lessons, we also want to help you learn Japanese as efficiently and as quickly as possible!

You might ask yourself, “What tools should I use?” Worry no more because here in Japan Switch, we made a list of free tools to maximize your online Japanese lessons! These free tools and apps can keep you more focused, learn faster, and most importantly save money on your online Japanese lessons!

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    free online lessons tools todoist



    How does Todoist work?

    With everything going online these days, managing tasks can be quite troublesome. But don’t worry because Todoist is one of the greatest task manager apps that can help you organize what you need to do while taking online Japanese lessons

    • After downloading, you will have a standard format that can help you get started.
    • Then you can make, remove, rename, reposition and color-code your tasks in any way you desire! 


    What makes Todoist great?

    • The free version is very easy to use.
    • The app is fast and convenient.
    • You can synchronize it with Gmail.
    • You can set recurring tasks like - study Japanese for 10 minutes and make it appear each day or certain days of the week.

    Here’s a YouTube video to help you get started:

    Todoist would be one of the best task manager apps you can find online to help you with your online Japanese lessons!

    Google Calendar

    online lesson tools google calendar

    How does Google Calendar work?

    Completely forget about your lesson time...more than once? Google Calendar’s email reminder feature is just for you. This tool lets you easily plan meetings and events. So if you’re taking online Japanese lessons but you have other things to attend to, this tool would be perfect for you! 

    • You can set it up to send you automated email reminders, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, whatever you want you can choose notifications in advance.
    • You'll receive reminders to your upcoming schedules so you’ll know what’s next! 
    • Google Calendar also makes it easy for you to make a schedule with others so you can use it together with your spouse so you won’t get yelled at!


    What makes Google Calendar great?

    • Google Calendar is a reliable time management tool that can be merged with a lot of productivity apps. 
    • On top of that, if you are also using Gmail that would even be better! Why? Because Google Calendar can automatically make events based on the emails that you get. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! 

    Google Calendar is an amazing time management tool that can help you out when booking your online Japanese lessons!

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    Adjusting The Sound Settings

    must have online lesson tools zoom


    How can I adjust the Sound Settings on Zoom?

    Zoom is probably the most common platform schools use to conduct their online Japanese lessons nowadays. Since it’s fairly new to the video conferencing game, a lot of people are still not familiar with this new tool. 

    To adjust the sound on your Zoom application on a computer, please follow the steps below:

    online lesson tools zoom setting

    1. Once you entered a meeting, you can adjust the sound settings by clicking on the arrow next to the mute button on the lower part of the screen. Then click Audio Settings.

    change volume in online lesson tools zoom

    2. You can now adjust the Output and Input Volume by sliding the button left and right. 

    3. You can also Suppress the Background Noise depending on where you are and how noisy your background will be.

    Zoom really stood out during the working-from-home and studying-from-home phase. If you are planning to take online Japanese lessons using this app, please make sure to familiarize yourself and get the best you can from it!



    How does Anki work?


    Some people are good with memorizing, but some people simply have trouble doing so. If you’re like me, Anki is a great flashcard program app to help you remember vocabulary when taking online Japanese lessons.

    • You can make flashcards with simple text, sound, or images to make remembering easier!
    • There are also a lot of pre-made flashcards for learning Japanese.
    • Because of its unique algorithm, the app can help you prevent natural forgetting.


    What makes Anki great for your online Japanese lessons?


    • Anki can be easily connected to a mobile device which makes learning convenient.
    • It may take some time and practice for first-time users.
    • Once you know how to use it, you can benefit from all its features!
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    online lessons tools evernote


    How does Evernote work for your online Japanese lessons?

    Do you prefer to change your environment while studying? Well, no need to bring your pen and notebook along because Evernote is an amazing tool to use for taking notes while you're taking online Japanese lessons!

    • Once you've downloaded the app, you can simply log in using your email address.
    • You can write, add tables and images to your notes easily.
    • Sharing notes with others is also possible and just a click away.

    What makes Evernote great?

    • You can easily organize your notes and keep them in separate Notebooks.
    • You can use Evernote simultaneously on your mobile and PC.
    • If you lose access to your devices, all the notes and notebooks are safely stored and can be retrieved on their website anytime!

    Taking Screenshots


    Taking screenshots is another effective way in taking notes while studying for your online Japanese lessons. Especially if you want to quickly capture an image that the teacher has posted on the screen.


    How do I take a screenshot on a Windows PC?


    • The easiest way is to press the Print Screen button. It is located on the upper-right side of nearly all keyboards. 
    • If you press it once, it may look like nothing happened but a duplicate of your screen has already been copied on the clipboard. 
    • You can simply paste it on Evernote or whatever notebook you are using.


    How do I take a screenshot on a Mac PC?


    • The fastest way is to press and hold these three keys: Shift, Command, and 3.
    • After you press them, you will see a thumbnail on the corner of your screen.
    • You can either click it to edit the screenshot or wait for the screenshot photo to be saved on your desktop.

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    How does Habitica work?


    Do you feel like studying can get quite boring sometimes? Well, here’s something to spice your online Japanese lessons up! Turn your life into a game and achieve your objectives in real life while advancing your character in Habitica! 

    • It’s a free and fun task management app that works like an RPG.
    • When you complete a task, your character’s HP (health point) will increase and eventually level up.
    • If you fail to complete the task, your character will take damage.


    What makes Habitica great?


    • It makes studying more enjoyable and you can increase your motivation as well.
    • You can also set goals and manage tasks with your friends by inviting them as party members!
    • It doesn’t only help you with studying but it can also help with everyday tasks like doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and many more!

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