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Japan Switch Tokyo is offering affordable online Japanese lessons on zoom in addition to our popular offline Japanese lessons in Tokyo. 

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Make the Switch with Japan Switch

How does our Zoom Japanese lessons compare

Same Lesson Quality

Experience the same level of lesson quality with our zoom lessons that you would have in our lessons in person.

Job and Japanese Guides

Improve your learning efficiency and job hunting with our guides to learning Japanese and finding a job or career in Japan.


Take lessons from the same teacher each week. Build a strong connection and bond and improve your Japanese.

Zoom Japanese Lessons

  • 1980 Yen Group Lessons - 50 minutes
  • 3630 Yen Private Lessons - 50 minutes

No Surprise or Added Costs

  • No entrance fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees
Online Japanese Lessons - Group Comparisons

Start improving your speaking skills with Zoom Lessons

Zoom Japanese Lesson Guide for Students

Current students, please follow the instructions below. For potential students, please visit our online Japanese lesson page.

Step 1 : Download Zoom

You are not required to download Zoom and can join a classroom or consultation room from your web browser.

However, based on our experience, you do not get the full audio quality and stability of the chat through the web browser. Downloading the following software or app will help give you the full remote experience because Zoom is better than other video chat platforms.

PC download | IPHONE & IPAD App or Android App

Other Options : https://zoom.us/download#room_client

Step 2 : Practice Using Zoom

We recommend testing your microphone and camera on zoom at https://zoom.us/test.

Most people figure things out within 5 minutes on their first attempt, but make sure to practice around 30 minutes before your lesson starts to ensure that everything is working properly. 

The video quality on zoom is much much better than other platforms, but the system is slightly more complicated than Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.

Step 3 : Visit Your Digital Classroom

Please visit your digital classroom 5 - 10 minutes before your lesson starts.

You will receive the link from our staff when you join Japan Switch or have confirmed your free consultation and level check

One major difference between Japan Switch and other zoom channels you may have joined in the past is that you will enter a lobby after clicking the link to Zoom. We will check your name to our roster and move you to the right classroom.

Common issues

1 : Make sure to enter your full name. Do not use a nickname or anything else that makes it hard to identify you. For example, we have 5 students named James, so first names also do not help!

2 : Your antivirus or firewall blocks zoom from opening up the video chat client. Make sure to test zoom in advance using the link shown above.

Step 4 : Lobby to Digital Classroom

Please be reminded that it might take a few minutes before they admit you in.

Zoom Online Lessons 1

Entering the Digital Lobby

This meeting room will be your “reception area” for the day. Within this meeting room, you will be sorted into “break out rooms” which would be your normal “classrooms”. You will see an invitation like this

Zoom Online Lessons 2

Click on “Join Breakout Room”, and your teacher will be waiting inside the room!

Zoom Online Lessons 3
Zoom Online Lessons 4

Enjoy Your Lesson

Make sure to turn on your camera and set up your microphone because your lesson will start in several minutes.

Have a fun lesson and take a look at some of our recommendations below.


Lesson Format

  1. Check the chat window as your teacher will be taking notes there. We will not be using the whiteboards for lessons. 
  2. Please make sure to bring your textbook to your lesson.

Group Lessons

Please make sure to use earphones and headphones and not your speaker.

Relax and Enjoy

Please have fun and smile.

Start improving your speaking skills with Japan Switch

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