Intensive Japanese Courses

Learn Japanese MUCH faster through taking an intensive Japanese course.

Turbo Boost your Japanese with an Intesive Japanese Course

Japan Switch and Coto Academy both use the Nihongo Fun & Easy series to get you speaking Japanese from day 1

Japan Switch

1 - 5 Lessons a Week

Monthly Contracts

Weekdays Only

Morning and Afternoon Only

Beginner to Low Intermediate

3000 Yen Group Lessons (fixed lessons)

3000 Yen Private Lessons (fixed lessons)

1 Free Make Up Lesson

Coto Academy

15 Lessons a Week

Intensive Plans Starting from 1 Week Long

Open 7 Days a Week

Morning to Evening Lessons

All Levels Offered

Group Prices Vary Based on Course Length

4300 Yen Private Lessons (flexible)

Yokohama, Iidabashi, and Azabu Juban

Looking for several lessons a week?

Japanese Course Levels

We offer both private and group lessons for the following course levels.

Please note that group lessons have a maximum of 7 students.

Japanese Language Textbook - Beginner 1

Beginner 1 : Introduction To Japanese 1

Level: JLPT N5 - 2062 yen

Ideal Learner:

This Introduction to Japanese 1 course is for learners who understand the basics of Hiragana and Katakana and want to learn the basics of conversational Japanese. The book contains many opportunities for role-play that will solidify what you learn and build confidence in your ability to speak Japanese.

Course Details:

By the end of this course you would have learned roughly 150 Kanji symbols, 300 new vocabulary words, and 70 key sentences.

Japanese Language Textbook - Beginner 2

Beginner 2 : Introduction To Japanese 2

Level: JLPT N4 - 2160 yen

Ideal Learner

This Introduction to Japanese 2 course is for learners who want to start expanding their conversational Japanese skills and to express themselves with more complex phrases by building on and expanding on what was learned in Introduction to Japanese 1.

Course Details:

By the end of this course you would have learned roughly 150 Kanji symbols, 300 new vocabulary words, and 70 key sentences

Japanese for Communication

Low Intermediate - Japanese for Communication + Weekly J

Level: Pre-Intermediate N4 - N3 - 3240 yen

Ideal Learner: 

Someone who has completed the Introduction to Japanese 2 course or has a firm understanding of Japanese grammar and can handle basic conversations.

This course is for learners who would like to broaden their vocabulary for daily life situations and will review previously-learned expressions to help you have more natural daily conversations. 

Course Details:

By the end of this course you would have learned roughly 150 Kanji symbols, 500 new vocabulary words, and 70 key sentences.

Want to Learn Japanese at a Faster Pace?

Attention High Level Students and Intensive Course Seekers

Japan Switch offers great morning and afternoon weekday lessons and focuses on beginner students. If the time or level is not a match or if you are looking for something more intensive, consider our premium partner school Coto Academy who also provide our learning materials.



  • N3 + and Above Lessons
  • Business Japanese Lessons
  • Lessons on Evenings, and Weekends
  • Intensive Courses
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Japan Switch

Japan Switch provides affordable morning and noon Japanese lessons in Tokyo. Centrally located, relaxed environment and quality textbooks. Japan Switch is your alternative option to a Japanese language school in Tokyo.


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