Japanese Teacher - Kobayashi Sensei


Name : Kobayashi Sensei

School : JS Shinjuku Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Group and Private Lessons

Why did you become a teacher?

I like teaching very much since my school days. It is because I have met some unforgettable teachers who always encouraged, helped, supported, and guided myself in my life, and I realized how wonderful it was to support people on what they really needed. In this sense, the teacher is not a person who just teaches, but should be the mentor for learners. I am now glad to become a Japanese language teacher at Japan Switch.

I am a teacher at the Shinjuku Japanese Language school here in Tokyo and look forward to meeting you. If I could provide Japanese language learners with my best supports, it would be my greatest happiness.

It was through these moments where I really felt the power that a teacher has on their students. My teachers had helped me learn not only English, but a lot about myself and Japanese culture and it made me want to share this powerful experience with foreigners in Japan as well. I hope to help you not only with your Japanese lessons but also with your life and time in Tokyo.

What do you like about teaching?

I think the language is the culture. No matter how fluently you may be able to speak Japanese, you will be lack in persuasiveness unless you know something about the Japanese culture. Therefore I do hope any of Japanese learners will try to know more about Japan and its culture. As a result, through a comparison between your and Japanese cultures, we will find good and bad points in both cultures, and it surely leads to deeper communication and mutual understanding. If I can take a role as bridge officer for this opportunity, I would be more than happy.

How are your lessons?

The lessons are not anything just given to you, but something participated and created by yourselves. The lessons are like drama show stages where your eagerness and passion to learn Japanese are carried out. Therefore please try to act as Japanese speaking actress/actor. If you make a mistake, never mind. Let’s enjoy even making errors in Japanese drama play on the stage(=classroom). While you repeat actor lines, you will learn the moment, the situation, and the atmosphere of Japanese language dialogues. Please feel it like the memory of a baby hearing words from parents for the first time. We are sure you will become better tomorrow than today. The continuation is the strength.

What are your hobbies?

I love the hot spring. I enjoy going on a hot spring trip with my wife. The hot spring on the seaside and the hot spring in the mountainous area, each has a different nice taste. After taking a hot spring bath in “ryokan”(Japanese style hotel), we enjoy tasting delicious local dishes together with a “sake”(Japanese liquor). These types of experience make life a supreme bliss.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at our Japanese language school in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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