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" I look forward to hearing what my students have to say about their countries and their lives in Japan."

Q: How are your lessons?

My goal is to have a class that is fun but also allows you to improve. I try to do things that I wish I could do when learning a foreign language.

For example, I enjoyed learning a foreign language through songs, so I introduce Japanese songs to my students. Also, when making a mistake I like to be corrected. Even if I understand the mistake I want it to be corrected. I think it is easier to understand if you write down the mistake if possible. So I try to do this in my teaching as well.

I've also experienced that it's easier to remember when I'm given a list of sentence patterns organized in categories such as "sentence patterns related to future plans," so when I see a sentence pattern, I try to present a list of related expressions as well.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

After graduating from university, I went to Vancouver, Canada for a working holiday. My roommate there was Korean and I made some Korean friends, which made me want to live in Korea.

As a job that I could do in Korea, I aimed to become a Japanese language teacher and studied Japanese language education. Of course, I was attracted to the job of teaching Japanese to foreigners, but my biggest motivation at the time was "I want to work in Korea. I stayed in Korea for 17 years after that. (I had a long blank in the middle of my teaching career.)

When I say that I had been in Korea for 17 years, my students ask me, "What nationality are you, and where do you live? I'm Japanese and I live in Tokyo.

Q: What do you like about teaching?

Now that we can connect with people all over the world online, I look forward to hearing what my students have to say about their countries and their lives in Japan.

As for the pure teaching part, there are moments when a beginner who is quiet suddenly starts talking when they have made some progress. That moment makes me really happy.

Q: What are your hobbies?

My hobby these days is surfing the net. I need to find a healthier hobby. I also like to go out to eat cheap and delicious food. It may not be a hobby, but I also like to go to church.






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