Seta Sensei

Shinjuku Japanese Teacher

Branch: Shinjuku Language School
Lessons: Group and Private Lessons

"I would like to share not only the Japanese language but also the Japanese culture and the spirit of Japan with you through the study of the Japanese language."

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

I have lived abroad since I was three months old due to my father's work, and since then I have had many opportunities to come into contact with people and cultures from many different countries. Growing up in such an environment, I have felt that there are a lot of people from abroad who are interested in the Japanese language and culture.

I am very grateful for my life abroad and meeting with people from other countries who helped me. I would like to return the favor by helping you to learn Japanese.

What do you like about teaching Japanese?

What do you imagine when you think of the Japanese language and culture?

The Japanese language has some beautiful words that cannot be expressed in a single word, and also some expressions that tend to be a little reserved. I think it’s so very interesting! I would like to share not only the Japanese language but also the Japanese culture and the spirit of Japan with you through the study of the Japanese language.

How are your lessons?

Being a teacher makes me think about how and what I should teach. But, in reality, there are many things that I learn from my students. Therefore, I am truly grateful to my students for allowing me to grow with them as we explore the Japanese language and culture together.

At Japan Switch, we have students from various countries learning Japanese. My motto is to help students enjoy learning Japanese and to pass Japanese culture, customs and spirit on to them while respecting their unique cultures and way of thinking of each student's country. Many of my students aim:

  • to study at a Japanese university
  • to need Japanese for your work
  • to make Japanese friends
  • to enjoy Japanese anime and manga

I am very glad that you have chosen to come to Japan for any reason. I am trying my best every day to be a good supporter of you rather than a teacher so that you feel  “My life in Japan is comfortable and enjoyable!” and  “I’m happy I’m learning the Japanese language!” I really look forward to supporting you as you learn Japanese at Japan Switch!

What are your hobbies?

I like playing tennis, figure skating, watching baseball games and traveling.

My favorite Japanese professional baseball teams are the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Of course, I also watch Major League Baseball.

I love to travel both abroad and within Japan. I enjoy seeing world heritage sites and going to natural hot springs

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Learn Japanese. Make friends. Enjoy Japan.

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