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"I do my lessons with a motto :If the lesson is not interesting, it is not a lesson.”

Q: How are your lessons?

Based on my previous language learning, I do my lessons with a motto “If the lesson is not interesting, it is not a lesson.” At the end of my lesson, I would like to have all my students say "Bye-bye, see you next week." with a smiling face. I have to think that if I can't see their smiling faces, I have a problem in my lesson.

In addition, I request a student "Please ask a question anytime during a lesson.” Some questions can be answered immediately, but some questions would be answered during the next lesson. I always make a lesson note and deliver it to a student at the time of the next lesson. The contents of a lesson note are “White Board which I used at the time of lesson” and “The sentence created by a student”.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

I worked as an office worker for 40 years before becoming a Japanese teacher. I spent just half 20 years abroad in 40 years. (Mexico, Belgium, South Africa, the United States) I remember that it was a pleasant experience to work with local people in each country. I, therefore, wanted to take a job that could communicate or associate with a foreigner every day after having retired. In addition, the senior coworker of the previous company who became a Japanese teacher told me, "Teaching Japanese is very interesting.". These are the reasons why I became a Japanese teacher.

Q: What do you like about teaching?

Each student may have various reasons to study Japanese. Then I would like to teach Japanese to meet their needs. In addition, I could learn the following through my two years teaching at JS.

・It is not one way, the teacher can learn a lot from students.

・There is not one way to teach and there is an appropriate way to teach each student.

・If a student does not have motivation, it takes more time to teach.

I am teaching every day without ignoring the above.

Q: What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are sailing and golf. I began sailing at 10 years old and continue it for more than 50 years. Unfortunately, I could not do the sailing because of COVID-19 for the past two years. I play golf with friends once a week. I love to see movies as well, recently I have been watching movies online. I enjoy SF films and adventure movies.






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