Yamada Sensei

Shinjuku Japanese Teacher

Branch: Shinjuku Language School
Lessons: Group and Private Lessons

"I respect each student's personality - whether they are outgoing or reserved, or whether they focus more on grammar or conversation."

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

I lived in the United States for about six years due to my husband's job. During that time, I took ESL classes at a community college and learned English alongside people from various countries, enriching my life immensely. I also had the opportunity to teach Japanese but lacked the skills to do so effectively, which I regretted deeply. After returning to Japan, I became an English teacher for a company. Thanks to my learning experiences in the U.S. and the teaching training I received, I found joy in teaching. However, I eventually faced the barrier of not being a native English speaker, which made me question if I was truly effective. That's when I decided to properly teach my native language. I enrolled in a training course, passed the certification exam, and became a Japanese language teacher.

What do you like about teaching Japanese?

I find it incredibly rewarding to see my students grow. Even those who initially spoke no Japanese gradually start to understand, speak, and eventually hold conversations in Japanese through our lessons. While it requires effort on both parts, I love being able to support my students on their journey. On top of that, meeting students from various countries with diverse backgrounds allows me to learn a lot while teaching Japanese, which is something I truly enjoy.

How are your lessons?

I tailor my lessons to suit each student's goals. At Japan Switch, we have a wide variety of students: those interested in anime who want to speak Japanese, people learning for business communication, travelers staying for a few months, and those planning to live in Japan long-term. I teach with their specific needs in mind. I also respect each student's personality - whether they are outgoing or reserved, or whether they focus more on grammar or conversation. I strive to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere to help everyone improve. I value each lesson and aim to make it as beneficial as possible.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy Pilates, stretching exercises, and cooking, especially baking bread. The smell of freshly baked bread makes me happy. I also love ikebana (flower arranging) and floral arrangements. While I sometimes buy flowers from the shop, I often create arrangements with flowers from my garden and display them at home.

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