Budget Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

Make 2019 the year to learn Japanese

1500 Yen - Group Lessons

3000 Yen - Private Lessons

No Enrollment or Hidden Fees

Quality Textbooks & Certified Teachers

Monthly Contracts

Why Switch Now?

We provide Japanese lessons to people who are too busy to commit to a full-time language school and want to have good lessons at a very affordable price.

Reason 1 : System and Prices

How much are group Japanese lessons in Tokyo
1. Affordable Japanese Lessons
  • 1500 yen + tax for 50 minute group lessons.
  • 3000 yen + tax for 50 minute private lessons.
2. No Surprise or Added Costs
  • No entrance or registration fees.
  • No hidden fees
  • No contract cancellation fees.
3. Monthly and Flexible Contracts

Say goodbye to 6 to 12 month contracts. Our contracts are monthly and you can cancel the contract, increase or reduce lessons, or switch from private to group lessons based on your schedule.

Reason 2 : Lessons and Textbooks

team Japan Switch
Quality Textbooks

Our Japanese lesson textbooks were developed in-house over more than 10 years by our partner Coto Language Academy. Check out the textbooks here.

Certified Teachers

Our teachers have been certified by our partner Coto Language Academy and have passed their first level of Japanese teacher training in Tokyo.


Reason 3 : Community and Support

Monthly Events

We have an event every month with our sister English school, which has more than 4000 active English students. These events are a great way to make Japanese friends. See here to learn more about our events in Tokyo at Japan.

Learning Support

We have done a lot of research into learning Japanese and we provide students ideas and resources on how to learn Japanese not only in class, but also on your own, and what resources and innovative ideas you can use to boost your learning.

4 Different Course Plans

From group lessons to one-on-one private lessons, we have a course for you. For students who are busy, you can come once a week. For those who have a focused goal, you can take private lessons or both.

Open Weekdays : Monday - Friday | School Hours : 9:30 - 1:30 PM


Group Course

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • Two 50 Minute Lessons Weekly
  • 1500 Yen Per Lesson
  • 12000 Yen Monthly - 8 Lessons
  • Small Class Sizes - up to 7 students

Private Course

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • One 50 Minute Lesson Weekly
  • 3000 Yen Per Lesson
  • 12000 Yen Monthly - 4 Lessons
  • Learn at Your Own Pace

Group & Private Course

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • Group and Private Lessons
  • One 50 Minute Private Lesson Weekly
  • Two 50 Minute Group Lesson Weekly
  • About 24000 Yen Monthly

Super Course

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • Multiple Group Lessons
  • Multiple Private Lessons
  • Multiple Group and Private Lessons
  • Your Choice.

Why Such Affordable Rates?

We are the right school for morning and noon Japanese learners in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here is how we are able to reduce costs and pass those savings to you.

  • 1. Lowered Administration Costs

    We are using our English school infrastructure to support Japan Switch. Examples include using the same reservation system for substitute lessons.

  • 2. No Pressured Sales

    We are confident that we offer the best deal in town, so there is no need to do pressured sales.

  • 3. Lowered Development Costs

    Our partnership with the awesome Coto Language Academy has enabled us to provide quality lesson materials and to reduce material development costs.

  • 4. Morning and Noon Lessons Only

    We are using our English school facilities during its off hours to offer Japanese lessons.

Start improving your speaking skills with us

Japan Switch

Japan Switch provides affordable morning and noon Japanese lessons to foreigners in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Centrally located, relaxed environment and quality textbooks. Japan Switch is quickly growing and providing help to the foreign community in Japan.


Opening Hours : 9:30 - 1:30 PM

Opening Days : Monday - Friday

Location : Shinjuku, Tokyo


 Free Japanese Level Check and Consultation - CLICK HERE