The Most Affordable Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

Save up to 30 - 60% on your Japanese lessons while learning in the heart of Tokyo with Japan Switch.

Japan Switch - Tokyo Japanese School Group Lessons

Start Your Japanese Adventure with Japan Switch Tokyo

Making Japanese lessons affordable and supportive.

Taking Remote Lessons

Online Japanese Course anywhere

  • Open Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 PM
  • Group Lessons
  • Private Lessons

We are offering affordable group and private online Japanese Lessons. Experience our same good quality lesson online and in your favorite pajamas with a nice cup of coffee.


Offline Japanese Course in Shinjuku

  • Open Weekdays : 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Group Lesson
  • Private Lesson

5 minutes from Shinjuku Station - Take your lesson in the heart of Tokyo! Make new friends and connections while learning Japanese.

Japan Switch - Japanese Teacher Teaching

Offline Japanese Course in Ueno

  • Open Weekdays : 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Group Lesson
  • Private Lesson

7 minutes from Ueno Station - Take your lesson in the "Shitamachi" of Tokyo! Make new friends and connections while learning Japanese.

5 Reasons to Take Japanese Lessons in Person at Japan Switch

Reason 1 : Friendly Teachers and Good Textbooks

We focus on helping beginner to N3 level Japanese students.

Japan Switch - Tokyo Teachers
Japan Switch - Japanese School Private Lessons Spanish student

Friendly and Supportive Teachers

Teachers are fun, friendly, like foreigners, and have passed our 30 hour training course.

Solid Textbooks

Our textbooks have been designed in-house for English speakers wanting to learn Japanese. Say goodbye to generic Japanese language textbooks.

Reason 2 : Welcoming Monthly Contracts

Monthly Contracts

Say goodbye to 3 to 12 month contracts with our monthly renewing membership plans.

Change Your Plan

You can increase or decrease lessons, or switch from group to private lessons from month to month.

Free Make Up Lessons

All students receive a free make up lesson every month in case you miss a lesson that month.

Japanese language Teacher Hoshi
Japanese group lessons in Shinjuku2 600x400

Reason 3 : Support and Community

We are proud to provide guides and tips on how to self-study to our students

Japan Switch - Tokyo Language School Group
Japan Switch - Japanese lessons in Tokyo
Fun Events and Meet Japanese People

We organize monthly events in Tokyo in collaboration with our English school which has over 7000 students.

Let us help you make your first friends in Tokyo.

Study Guides and Learning Manuals

In addition to providing good Japanese classes in Tokyo, we provide many guides for students on how to get the most out of your Japanese lessons with us.

Reduce the amount of lessons needed and save money with our self-studying tips.

Untitled (600 × 500px)

Want affordable living around Tokyo Metropolitan?

Japan Switch Students who move into an OAKHOUSE property score a ¥10,000 discount! OAKHOUSE manages 270 properties around Tokyo and promises NO key money, deposits, or outrageous fees AND multi-lingual support!

Ready to Learn Japanese?

Reason 4 : Save 30 - 60% on Lessons

We provide the most affordable daytime Japanese lessons in Tokyo. Save money compared to other Japanese schools in Tokyo.

No Surprise or Added Costs

  • No entrance fees.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No cancellation fees.

Affordable Japanese Language Lessons

Costs at Japan Switch

  • 3300 Yen Group Lessons -100 minutes
  • 3300 Yen Private Lessons - 50 minutes

※ We also offer affordable online Japanese lessons too!

Japan Switch - Group Prices

Reason 5 : Three Locations

We are providing affordable Japanese classes online and offline at our big location in Shinjuku and Ueno, Tokyo

Japan Switch - Tokyo Japanese School Lobby
Japan Switch - Safety Partitions

Online Morning Japanese Lessons

Experience our good online Japanese lessons in the comfort of your home. We offer both group and private courses.

Shinjuku and Ueno, Tokyo Branch

Our Shinjuku branch and Ueno branch has more than 140 active Japanese language learners taking Japanese classes once or several times a week with us.

Here are the safety measures we are doing to keep our students safe. You can see a picture of the partitions we installed in our group lesson classes as well.

Attention High Level Students and Intensive Course Seekers

Japan Switch offers great morning and afternoon weekday lessons and focuses on beginner students. If the time or level is not a match or if you are looking for something more intensive, consider our premium partner school Coto Academy who also provide our learning materials.



  • N3 + and Above Lessons
  • Business Japanese Lessons
  • Lessons on Evenings, and Weekends
  • Intensive Courses

3 Different Japanese Courses

Japan Switch offers both group lessons and private lessons. For students who are busy or are curious, you can come once a week. For those who have a focused goal take private lessons or several Japanese lessons weekly.

Taking Remote Lessons

Online Lessons

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 50 Minute Lessons
  • 1550 Yen Group Lessons
    • Maximum 4 students
  • 3300 Yen Private Lessons
Japan Switch - Japanese Private classes student

Onsite Private Classes

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 50 Minute Private Lessons
  • 3300 Yen Per Lesson
  • Same Teacher
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
Japan Switch - Japanese Group classes students

Onsite Group Lessons

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 100 Minute Group Lessons
  • 3300 Yen Per Lesson
  • 5 Students Maximum
  • Make New Friends

Why Such Affordable Rates?

We are the right place for morning and afternoon Japanese learners in Shinjuku. Here is how we are able to reduce costs compared to Japanese language schools in Tokyo and pass those savings to you. Make the switch and join our Japanese classes.

  • 1. Lowered Administration Costs

    We are using our English school infrastructure to support Japan Switch. Examples include using the same reservation system for substitute lessons.

  • 2. No Pressured Sales

    We are confident that we offer the best deal in town, so there is no need to do pressured sales.

  • 3. Lowered Development Costs

    Our partnership with the awesome Coto Language Academy has enabled us to provide quality lesson materials and reduce material development costs.

  • 4. Morning Japanese Lessons

    We are using our English schools in Tokyo during its off hours to offer Japanese lessons.

Turn on Your Japan Switch

Your Alternative to Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

Japan Switch is your alternative to joining a Japanese language school in Tokyo. We have two branches that provides affordable morning and afternoon Japanese lessons for foreigners who want to learn Japanese in Tokyo or online. We are the best choice for someone looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo but wants to learn for a cheaper price through combining self-study and lessons in person. We provide affordable group Japanese lessons for 1550 yen for a 50 minute group lesson and 3300 yen for a 50 minute private lesson.

Although our Japanese lessons are cheap and affordable, our teachers are caring and supportive, and our teaching and learning materials have been designed for foreigners learning Japanese taking group or private lessons . We provide Japanese lessons to beginner Japanese learners up to a low intermediate level N3 in Shinjuku and Ueno, Tokyo.

In addition to providing lessons, we also host international events in Tokyo and will also be doing Japanese cultural events. For those who want to learn Japanese in a relaxed and convenient environment near you. Japan Switch is the place to help you make the switch from a foreigner centered environment to making more Japanese friends and customers.

Opening Days : Monday - Friday

Locations : 

Shinjuku Branch : 09:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Ueno Branch : 09:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Online Branch : 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Ready to Learn Japanese Again?