Furuta Sensei

Shinjuku Japanese Teacher

Branch: Shinjuku Language School
Lessons: Group and Private Lessons

"I hope to create a positive and engaging learning environment and inspire my students."

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

I am a Japanese language teacher from Hiroshima, a city known for its warm and energetic people and delicious food. Growing up in a culturally rich and peaceful environment, I developed a love for the Japanese language and culture. As a teacher, I aim to share the goodness of Japan with students from different backgrounds and help them appreciate the beauty of the language and culture. Through my teaching, I hope to create a positive and engaging learning environment and inspire my students to see the world with a deeper appreciation.

What do you like about teaching Japanese?

I love teaching because it allows me to meet people from different cultures and learn about their countries. It also gives me the opportunity to share my own culture and help students appreciate Japan. Teaching Japanese can be challenging, but I have great respect for those who are willing to learn it. That's why I always strive to come up with new and creative ways to make the language more accessible and easier to understand. Seeing students improve and develop a deeper appreciation for Japan is truly rewarding to me.

How are your lessons?

At Japan Switch, my lessons are focused on conversation and making them fun and engaging. I aim to help students overcome the difficult topics and create a positive and enjoyable learning experience for my students. I believe that communication is key, and that's why I make it a priority for my students to enjoy the conversation. It brings me great joy to have a good time with my students and see them progress in their Japanese language skills.

What are your hobbies?

In my free time, I enjoy practicing Ueda Souko-ryu, a samurai tea ceremony, at a local temple. The serene environment is very calming and peaceful. I also love listening to Vocaloid music and enjoy discovering new songs. I try to stay active by doing Pilates, although I sometimes skip my classes! Lastly, I also enjoy taking naps whenever I can! (-_-) zzz

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