Hagiuda Sensei

Shinjuku Japanese Teacher

Branch: Shinjuku Language School
Lessons: Group and Private Lessons

"I feel happy when my answers cleared up the questions my students have had."

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

At the company I used to work for, I worked in the finance department and was responsible for updating and implementing the financial system along with IT.

Every time we reworked a system or replaced it with a new one, I would explain the changes to the people in the finance department, and they would give me good feedback on what I had explained. This motivated me to teach others and make them happy.

What do you like about teaching Japanese?

First of all, I feel happy when my answers cleared up the questions my students and colleagues have had. Secondly, when they were interested in my answers and asked more questions and opinions.

How are your lessons?

I try to explain things as clearly as possible. 

I am often asked about particles, so I explain why this particle needs to be used here, what the nuance is when using it in a certain context, etc.

Regarding honorifics, I try to highlight how to say that it is safe to use this wording in many situations, as well as how to say it between friends, and what strong expressions NOT to use.

What are your hobbies?

Playing tennis, watching sports (football, baseball, golf, carling, F1, etc.), watching anime and reading manga, taking care of the rabbit who lives with us, walking in night markets of Taiwan.

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