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Japanese Language Teacher in Tokyo 5

Name : Ishida Sensei

School : Online Japanese Lessons

Japanese Lesson Types : Online Group and Online Private Lessons

Why did you become a teacher?

I used to work for an American and British companies as an administrative assistant and learned how to communicate in English through business and I lived in Singapore for three and half years. I really enjoyed meeting many people from all over the world, and they always asked me to teach Japanese. I am a native speaker of Japanese but I did not know how to do it, and told them ‘I am sorry I can’t. This request has always been on my and last year I decided to take the training course to teach Japanese to make my dream come true. Now I got a chance to teach at Japan Switch in Tokyo. I hope to make speaking Japanese a pleasant experience and hope to support you in enjoying and living in Japan. I would like to try my best.

What do you like about teaching?

I have been teaching English to the small children and students by drama method (English/Japanese) for 17 years. I saw their growth and changes a lot in these experiences. It is my greatest pleasure to see their progress as a tutor. Now I would like to support the students at Japan Switch to understand Japan and Japanese language better. Once you know the basic Japanese skill, I am sure you can enjoy your life here better. I would like to also share my experiences of living abroad and what I did to make the most out of that experience. Overall, I would like to see you smile while learning Japanese 🙂

How are your lessons?

In my lesson, I would like to know why you want to learn and improve Japanese, and try to fit your needs. I know learning another language is very hard, especially Kanji will be very hard for you. But keeping the motivation is very important. I would like to make my lesson practical and let you speak a lot to get confidence.

How did I improve my English while in Singapore? I had many friends to talk with and it helped me improve my English a lot.

As for learning Japanese, you may make many mistakes in the beginning but trying to use Japanese is more important than making sure everything is perfect. I would like my Japanese language students relax and have fun in the lessons. I want to be your ‘friend’ in the class to talk a lot.

What are your hobbies?

I like cooking and baking. When I lived in Singapore, I took the cooking class to learn how to make the local foods. Now I can check the recipes on internet, so I can try many new foods at home. I also enjoy doing Hot Yoga now. I feel it is very relaxing and being in the very hot and humid room is good to sweat a lot.

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