Ellie - Hong Kong

Japanese Lesson Testimonials - Sato Sensei 1

Name : Ellie

School : Shinjuku Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Group Lessons

Why do you want to learn Japanese?

I have always been interested in Japanese culture, but I have never been able to immerse myself in it due to the language barrier. Now that I’m in Japan for a working holiday, I want to make use of my time while here and learn the language, make Japanese friends, and immerse myself.

I am also really enjoying my time in Japan and would like to stay in Tokyo for several more years, so I feel I am ready to make the commitment to learn Japanese.

Why did you choose Japan Switch?

The times are flexible and my classes match well with my afternoon and evening work schedule. The lesson prices are also reasonable and affordable.

I am also one of the original Japan Switch students and I started during the first month. I was a bit nervous at first because it is a new school and there are so many choices in Tokyo, but the school has been growing rapidly and the lessons are good. I was so surprised to hear they have more than 70 students because I joined when there were less than 10!

How are your lessons?

I like my lessons. Right now I’m learning basic conversations and it has definitely helped with daily life in Japan. I have taken Japanese classes before but they didn’t help much due to the large class size and very little speaking time. The group classes sizes here are small and the focus is more on speaking and pronunciation than writing, so that is helping me improve my speaking skills.

How did Japan Switch surprise you?

That would definitely be the price for the quality of the lessons. The teacher is knowledgeable and can explain any questions I have. I am glad I made the choice to study at Japan Switch because the quality of the lessons are good even though it is cheaper than other schools in Tokyo. 

I am also proud to finish the first level in 3 months and am now studying the second level. I have noticed that my Japanese level is improving and I am getting better day by day. I also have friendly and supportive classmates around the same level of Japanese and we are supporting one another to improve our Japanese and challenge each other.

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