Marta - Spain

Private Student - Mar 2

Why do you want to learn Japanese?

I love learning new languages and after learning English to a high level, I thought Japanese was the one for me. I love how musical it sounds and the intonation, so for me speaking in Japanese is quite fun!

Why did you choose Japan Switch?

The prices are very reasonable and they allow you to choose your own schedule. You only pay for the classes you do and if you have a problem it is ok to reschedule

How are your lessons?

My lessons are great! I chose private lessons so I could learn at my own pace and spend more time learning about my interests. The teacher is amazing, so open minded and very easy to understand.

How did Japan Switch surprise you?

I was a little bit nervous because the book was different and I thought maybe it would be too easy but actually the lessons are challenging and very interesting. I learn so many new things at every lesson that although I have only been studying for 2 months, I feel I have actually been learning Japanese at Japan Switch for much longer!

Ready to start learning Japanese?

Japan Switch

Japan Switch provides affordable morning and noon Japanese lessons to foreigners in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Centrally located, relaxed environment and quality textbooks. Japan Switch is quickly growing and providing help to the foreign community in Japan.


Opening Hours : 9:30 - 1:30 PM

Opening Days : Monday - Friday

Location : Shinjuku, Tokyo