Gaelle (Spain)

Japan Switch Student - Gaelle

Name : Gaelle

School : Shinjuku Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Private Lessons

Why do you want to learn Japanese?

I started learning Japanese to help with things in my daily life and my work.

Why did you choose Japan Switch?

It was actually my daughters who introduced me to this school as Japan Switch is where they study. It’s a great fit for me because it’s in a very good location in Tokyo and the school is not too BIG!

How are your lessons?

Very intensive and so we always cover a lot (but we don’t always have time for everything). The lessons are dense, interactive, and dynamic.

How did Japan Switch surprise you?

I will say mainly in their flexibility and their adaptation to the reality of the students.

Has your life changed since starting lessons with Japan Switch?

Absolutely! I am more sure of myself because I understand Japanese a lot better now. Through these Japanese lessons, I once again found the motivation to study and learn.











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