Name : Takuya

School : Shinjuku Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Private Lessons + Group Lessons

Why do you want to learn Japanese?

I want to learn Japanese because A. I like studying languages, you could say it's a hobby of mine & B. Because believe it or not, Japanese is my mother language & as faith had something else written for me, I was not able to learn the language to its full potential as I had to move & grew up overseas.

Why did you choose Japan Switch?

The no contract, zero admission fee, cancel anytime you want service is what really grabbed my attention. The class times also seemed flexible & the group lessons were focused on small groups, only like four people per group which I found to be very convenient.

How are your lessons?

I have been studying Japanese at Japan switch for a year now and I have experienced a massive improvement in my speaking abilities. From being able to switch from casual to a bit more polite Japanese conversation with a native like accent, Japan switch has all the boxes ticked for me. The classes are always exciting for me as I get to meet & know interesting facts from people all around the world while conversing in Japanese.

How did Japan Switch surprise you?

Japan Switch is not like your traditional language school where you have to sit through hours of grammar lectures & practice drills accompanied with tests every now and then which just makes the whole learning experience stressful for me rather than fun. Learning here at Japan switch doesn't put any daunting pressure on the students & the information being taught does not feel force fed in any way. The teachers are quite flexible & understanding towards their students and encourage  in free talk sessions and not just focus on the books provided by the school. The teachers always come up with fun & interesting ways of teaching the students hence there's never a boring day at Japan switch and you never have to wake up with the feeling that you don't want to attend the class today.

Has your life changed since starting lessons with Japan Switch?

Life in Tokyo is starting to feel more like home as I'm gradually being able to converse in Japanese & overcome the challenges that I otherwise couldn't because of my lack of speaking ability. On top of that, work life has also become more comfortable as I'm able to communicate and share my thoughts & ideas with my fellow workers. I'm also starting to understand and appreciate the culture with each passing day and the motivation to learn more & improve my Japanese skills is not dying out for the foreseeable future.

★ A quick note from the Japan Switch Team ★

When Takuya enrolled in Japan Switch, began at Level 1. Now he speaks very well and he has worked hard to reach  Level 3 which is the highest level in Japan Switch! 

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