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Japanese Lesson Testimonials - Sato Sensei 4

Name : Arni

School : Shinjuku Language School

Japanese Lesson Types : Group Lessons

Why do you want to learn Japanese?

I have a few reasons why I need to learn Japanese. First would be because I am married to a Japanese national. To be able to fully function in the country and handle the day to day challenges of living in Japan, I have to learn the Japanese language.

Another reason is that I work at an international company in Tokyo and I have to communicate more often with Japanese people now and experience Japanese culture more richly. Before I could get by with only English, but since I got promoted to a manager position, my need to communicate with Japanese has really really increased.

Why did you choose Japan Switch?

Probably similar to everyone else, I was looking for a school that did not have an enrollment and hidden fees and some flexibility with the schedule. I am taking group lessons right now, but I really like how I can switch to private lessons and back to group lessons or even take both depending on my focus. I was also worried about make up lessons and I am glad that Japan Switch gives a free make up lesson each month, but I am proud to admit that I have been coming to all my lessons for four months and have not missed in any yet 🙂

How are your lessons?

I’d say the quality is good. I am currently taking group lessons for 2 hours every week. I get to practice all areas of learning like speaking, listening, reading and writing in my lessons! If you’re a real beginner, don’t fret because Goyou can speak in English to explain things difficult for foreign people to understand like honorific expressions, and when and how to use it.

The book they use is practical Japanese so it’s perfect for those people who’d like to learn the language to get by in the country on a daily basis.

How did Japan Switch surprise you?

I was not sure what to expect since this was my first time joining a Japanese language school, but the staff were really friendly and relaxed. I was also really surprised that I already owned the textbook that Japan Switch was using and so I did not need to buy the textbook and they were fine with me not buying a new book, so I got to save about 2000 yen. I am enjoying and learning a lot from Goyou and I look forward to taking more lessons.

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